International Escort Models:

Fleur escort holland  

Name: Fleur

A sublime young woman,

 beautiful long dark brown hair, a very finely-chiselled face, the most striking blue eyes you have ever seen and a smile you will never forget.

With a height of 174.0 cm, 58 kg, cup size 75C and size 36, I am an elegant and female appearance with ideal measurements.


escort algarve Ines

Name: Ines
Age: 23 / Weight: 56kg / Eyes: Brown / Hair: Brown
Nationality: Portuguese  
Languages: Portuguese * English  

Outcall / Incall

One mission in mind and that is to please you gentlemen


Name: Tina London
Age: 23 / Weight: 50g / Eyes: Brown / Hair: Brown
Nationality: Asian / Smoke: No
Languages:  - English
Incall / Outcall
Attendance Gentleman, Couples

I can provide that memorable London companionship you seek during our time together 


Name: Mirna
Age: 25 / Weight: 55kg / Eyes: Brown / Hair: Long Black
Nationality: Chinese / Smoke: no
Languages: - English
Attendance Gentleman, Woman and Couples

I am sure that I can oblige


    Name: Tisha
Age: 26 / Weight: 55kg / Eyes: Bleu-Grey / Hair: Blonde
Nationality: Scandinavian / Smoke: socially
Languages: Norwegian - English
Attendance Gentleman

Your time with me will be very exciting and of a superior quality. It's a great pleasure and privilege for me to take care of the discerning gentleman

   Name: Monica
Age: 27 / Weight: 52kg / Eyes: Brown / Hair: Long dark
Nationality: Portuguese
Languages:  * English *

Attendance Gentleman, Couples

I believe that a sense of style is extremely important and I always make a point of dressing in a manner that suits the occasion


Name:  Mandy
Age: 36 / Weight: 47kg / Eyes: Brown / Hair: Long Black
Nationality: Portuguese  
Languages:  * English *


I am very educaded, with degree and I speak portuguese and English.  and I don´t have any problem to travel.

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